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PH Factor Episodes

Hosts Peter and Harry converse on all things techno-artistic. Everything in the world is fair game, from the nature of Time to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

July 31, 2022

TSP182 - PH Factor: Hit The Road Jack - The Covid Catalyst Migrations

Covid induced social distancing protocols and affordability issues have been instrumental in driving Canadians into smaller towns and cottage country, where larger living spaces are available. Working and studying from home has become a reality for...

PH Factor

July 17, 2022

TSP181 - PH Factor: We resurrect... So, you think you can podcast? You can.

For the first time in our five years of doing this podcast, we’ve elected to repurpose a podcast we recorded in 2018. Over the years we’ve had listeners comment or ask us questions on many of our podcasts and, amongst the varying feedback, we’ve also...

PH Factor

July 03, 2022

TSP180 - PH Factor: The Sill 2017-2022 - Oh, the changes we’ve seen!

Five years in, The Sill podcast is turning a corner in more ways than one. For starters, Harry and his family are relocating to the beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. In this nostalgic review Peter and Harry recall the beginnings, the...

PH Factor

June 19, 2022

TSP179 - PH Factor: Catch and Release - The Art Of Letting Go

TSP179 - PH Factor: Catch and Release - The Art Of Letting Go We are drowning in stuff. In every life there comes a point when unloading stuff is beneficial to one’s well being. When does it become critical to sometimes break attachments, whether...

PH Factor

June 05, 2022

TSP178 - PH Factor: The Directed Imagination - Are we at a tipping point?

Are we at a tipping point, and what are the dynamics playing into this moment of human evolution? From social infantilization to the relentless onslaught of dubious information to our obsession with safety first, we have created a scenario fraught...

PH Factor

May 08, 2022

TSP176 - PH Factor: Just Ask Why - Stepping Out Of The Herd

What is our responsibility when it comes to questioning authority and/or the status quo? When and why is it important for individuals to rise above the collective and engage or challenge accepted norms… and why should we care? Duration: 32:43...

PH Factor

April 10, 2022

TSP174 - PH Factor: Seduction For Sale - Instant Coffee’s Gonna Getcha!

The power of persuasion often includes a well crafted and delivered seduction in order to convince another into the need or desire to have whatever is being sold. Speed and convenience, primarily driven by technological advances in the modern world,...

PH Factor

March 27, 2022

TSP173 - PH Factor: Measured Response - Know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em.

In every interaction there is a tipping point or a threshold moment, beyond which it becomes increasingly difficult to stabilize. This tends to hold true for individual relationships or all circumstances where conflict is present. Can focusing on...

PH Factor

February 27, 2022

TSP171 - PH Factor: Under The Cover Of Darkness - The Light That Guides

We have been plunged into a kind of psychological darkness precipitated by the Covid pandemic, slowly transitioning towards a hopefully brighter future. This period has shed light upon our blinded consciousness, as well as offering us opportunities...

PH Factor

January 30, 2022

TSP169 - PH Factor: The Pandemic Narrative - Word To Your Mother

The stories we tell are the stories we live, and the words we use to tell these stories shape what we learn from them. In the time of Covid certain words have become charged and contentious, because their meanings have been altered to support one or...

PH Factor

January 02, 2022

TSP167 - PH Factor: 2021 - Remembering A Year To Forget

Although 2021 left us with a plethora of things we’d like to forget, it also gave us plenty of fodder for conversation that resulted in many of the 26 episodes produced this year. From adding a new podcast series - Planetary Postcards - to exploring...

PH Factor

December 19, 2021

TSP166 - PH Factor: Lay Of The Land - Redefining The Pandemic

Assessing where we are now, globally, relative to the pandemic, goes beyond the evolution of the Covid virus. We are now seeing pandemics of individual and social dis-ease, from increasing tribalism to intimations of potential violence to fear-based...

PH Factor

December 05, 2021

TSP165 - PH Factor: The Forever Moment - What you see, is what you get.

Over the last two years living with Covid has profoundly impacted our perception of time. The uncertainties that have enveloped us during this period has served to disconnect us from the flow of time, and our psychological experience of time. Is the...

PH Factor

November 21, 2021

TSP164 - PH Factor: Future Unknown - Us, post Covid.

Where are we headed? What will the world, post Covid, look like? From the obvious economic, social, and political changes to the deepening of personal and spiritual awareness, the future though for the most part unknown, is ours to create. Explicit...

PH Factor

October 10, 2021

TSP161 - PH Factor: Corroding Connections - Are we heading into a societal meltdown?

Perhaps even more important than the physical challenge of Covid-19 is the impact brought on by the increasing divisiveness evident in communities, small and large. Do we have enough energy and goodwill left to avoid the potential for a social...

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