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PH Factor Episodes

Hosts Peter and Harry converse on all things techno-artistic. Everything in the world is fair game, from the nature of Time to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

April 12, 2020

TSP122 - PH Factor: COVID-19 - What is a life worth?

At the time of this podcast, the number of global COVID-19 cases has eclipsed the 1,000,000 mark with over 50,000 deaths. We are confronting an unparalleled firestorm of ethical and moral dilemmas, in the face of mushrooming economic turmoil. Over 3...

PH Factor

March 30, 2020

TSP121 - PH Factor: COVID-19, tragedy or opportunity?

The COVID-19 is proving transformational on a level that has not been seen since 911. Could this be a pivotal paradigm shift in the way we treat each other and all life forms on the planet? Duration - 47:28 Poems by: Harry Posner - Ode To A...

PH Factor

February 17, 2020

TSP118 - PH Factor: Hurry up and wait.

We spend an average of 5 years waiting in lines and queues during our lifetime. Is waiting a waste of time, or can we alter our perspective about these (commonly) anxiety-making situations? Duration - 33:11 VoxBox: Harry Posner - "Wait for it.”

PH Factor

January 06, 2020

TSP115 - PH Factor: Between dog and wolf.

The balancing act of our primal instincts versus our domestic existence from children’s stories to the world of cinema, from Paganism to Christianity, the symbol of the wolf has been a central theme, painted in both a positive and negative light....

PH Factor

December 09, 2019

TSP113 - PH Factor: Hunger Reigns - Feast, famine and faith.

Nearly a billion people in the world experience hunger, while nearly a billion are obese. Like many challenges confronting society in today’s world the issue is not availability, it is excessive waste and distribution. Our collective hunger and...

PH Factor

October 28, 2019

TSP110 - PH Factor: Branding - Look at me, I’m relevant.

From the personal to the political, from products to corporate identity, the rise of branding as a way of creating and maintaining relevance is understandable in a world that encourages hubris. Duration - 23:46 VoxBox: YouTube interview with...

PH Factor

August 19, 2019

TSP105 - PH Factor: Freezing footprints.

The impulse to archive has been aided and abetted by the exponential advance in recording technologies, which begs the question: What have we sacrificed in pursuit of our never ending desire to preserve memories? Duration - 24:06 VoxBox: YouTube...

PH Factor

June 10, 2019

TSP100 - PH Factor: The little ‘cast’ that could!

Our special celebratory milestone moment where we reminisce across 2 years of podcasting and what led up to it. Our conversation includes podcast excerpts, special moments, joys and challenges along the way. Duration - 38:13 VoxBox: Compilation...

PH Factor

April 29, 2019

TSP094 - PH Factor: Notre Dame, the unmaking of history.

The tragic fire at Notre Dame de Paris on the 15th of April, 2019, sparked a slew of social, political, and religious reactions. 850 years of history gone up in flames, provides the backdrop for a lively discussion about this historic event....

PH Factor

April 01, 2019

TSP090 - PH Factor: What’s up with DST?

The pros and cons of Daylight Saving Time have been the subject of an ongoing debate since the late 19th century. There’s validity on both sides of the argument, despite the lack of general agreement as to its efficacy. Duration: 23:45 VoxBox:...

PH Factor

February 25, 2019

TSP085 - PH Factor: Lines That Blind - Why should I trust you?

Can you trust what you can’t see? The ideas of trust and respect have become nebulous concepts in a world of promises and betrayal. Duration: 28:23 VoxBox: Audio segments from YouTube - Esther Perel - Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater? Music...

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