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The Undefinable Spirit Episodes

Meet unique spirits, people with angles, and creative juice to spare. Adventurers, musicians, and all walks of life are represented.

May 22, 2022

TSP177 - The Undefinable Spirit: The Choice To Homeschool - Stacey Dittman

Education is a choice. In a world preoccupied with structure and performance, the challenge to consider or act on alternatives, when it comes to educating our children, can be its own reward. Stacey Dittman is an excellent example of someone who has...

The Undefinable Spirit

March 13, 2022

TSP172 - The Undefinable Spirit: Tony Holtkamp Takes A Walk On The Wild Side

Tony Holtkamp calls himself a regular guy walking. Except… that this regular guy walking happens to be trekking across about 8,000 kilometres, coast to coast, of the second largest country on the planet. Canadian born to a large family, comprised of...

The Undefinable Spirit

February 13, 2022

TSP170 - The Undefinable Spirit: Just Shrink Bigger - Croc E Moses on the road to home.

Poet/Musician instigator Croc E Moses, shares an account of his journey from Northern Canada to Southern Africa, in his search for the meaning of home. The gift of rhythm inspired by his immersion in South African culture has infused all aspects of...

The Undefinable Spirit

November 07, 2021

TSP163 - The Undefinable Spirit: John Arnone - Us and Them: Canada, Canadians and The Beatles

Just when you think there’s nothing more to know or learn about The Beatles, a Canadian born writer, whose life-long passion with the band and their music ventures to explore it from his own national connection. The result is a story about the fab...

The Undefinable Spirit

June 06, 2021

TSP152 - The Undefinable Spirit: Kimberly Van Ryn - The compassionate heart.

Kimberly Van Ryn, founder of Branching Out Support Services in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, shares her lifelong passion for helping those less fortunate. Utilizing life lessons from overcoming her own addictions, she brings a unique enthusiasm and...

The Undefinable Spirit

May 09, 2021

TSP150 - The Undefinable Spirit: Andrew Welch - ‘Our Second Chance’, part 3 of 3 - A New Dawning.

In part 3 of a 3 part interview, Andrew Welch joins us in our studio, to talk about the shape of things to come. 'A New Dawning' would include radical notions such as alternative currencies (demurrage), new approaches to the electoral process and...

The Undefinable Spirit

April 25, 2021

TSP149 - The Undefinable Spirit: Andrew Welch - ‘Our Second Chance’, part 2 of 3 - The Gift Economy.

In part 2 of a 3 part interview, Andrew returns to uncover the true meaning of a ‘Gift Economy’ and its practical applications to our society. Surprisingly, a society based on a qualitative gift economy, may be the critical next step in our evolution....

The Undefinable Spirit

April 11, 2021

TSP148 - The Undefinable Spirit: Andrew Welch - ‘Our Second Chance’, part 1 of 3 - Universal Basic Income.

In part 1 of a 3 part interview, we revisit Andrew’s his first book, The Value Crisis, and explore the soon to be published sequel - Our Second Chance, focusing on universal basic income (UBI), as one example how of a shift in our value system can...

The Undefinable Spirit

March 28, 2021

TSP147 - The Undefinable Spirit: Getting casually baked with Johanna Nuding.

Storyteller and experiential marketing maven Johanna Nuding, enlightens us about the cannabis lifestyle and wellness. Her edutainment ‘potcast’, Casually Baked, explores the medicinal and responsible sides of cannabis and its enhancement of everyday...

The Undefinable Spirit

January 31, 2021

TSP143 - The Undefinable Spirit: Ricky Schaede - Engaging the ethereal.

Dedicated Orangeville, Ontario painter/writer Ricky Schaede is a great example of how to creatively carve out a life as a professional artist. Inspired by spiritual experiences on a trip to Guatemala, Ricky has devoted bis young life to fostering the...

The Undefinable Spirit

December 06, 2020

TSP139 - The Undefinable Spirit: Lest We Forget - With historian/writer Hugh Brewster.

Writer/historian/theatre artist Hugh Brewster is truly a man of many hats. In this interview, Hugh shares fascinating stories, from meeting Jacqueline Onassis and James Cameron, to working with Robert Ballard, the discoverer of the Titanic. Hugh...

The Undefinable Spirit

November 08, 2020

TSP137 - The Undefinable Spirit: With NYC emergency room doctor and children’s author Joanette Weisse.

Inspired by a question about dying from one of her grandchildren, NYC emergency room physician Joanette Weisse talks about and reads from her newly penned and just released picture book - Giggles in my Heart - which deals with the real fears children...

The Undefinable Spirit

September 27, 2020

TSP134 - The Undefinable Spirit: Simran Bhamu - From India with love.

From Delhi to Canada, Simran Bhamu’s journey has taken her through poverty, immigration, racism, politics, and ultimately a fulfilling life in a country she now calls home. Simran Bhamu is the definition of a very capable, compassionate and...

The Undefinable Spirit

August 16, 2020

TSP131 - The Undefinable Spirit: Janet-Lynn Morrison - From 0 to fierce.

If there was ever an example of how a world view can impact one’s life, Janet-Lynn Morrison is one. Understanding, forgiveness and resiliency resonate throughout our phone conversation with this intelligent and caring soul. Her story of moving ‘from 0...

The Undefinable Spirit

July 05, 2020

TSP128 - The Undefinable Spirit: Nicole Wicki - Courage, conviction and cure.

Numerous times in her young life, Nicole Wicki, has had the courage to make life changing decisions en route to making a life more connected to nature, balancing body and mind. Swiss born and raised, she currently makes her home on a remote 10 acre...

The Undefinable Spirit