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The Undefinable Spirit Episodes

Meet unique spirits, people with angles, and creative juice to spare. Adventurers, musicians, and all walks of life are represented.

June 07, 2020

TSP126 - The Undefinable Spirit: Dr. Claudia Six returns to talk about relationships and sex during COVID-19.

In our second interview with Dr. Six we explore changes to relationships in the face of a global pandemic. Surprisingly, when it comes to the world of our primal instincts, our sexual life has remained for the most part remained unchanged during this...

The Undefinable Spirit

May 10, 2020

TSP124 - The Undefinable Spirit: Sandy Brown, citizen first, Mayor second.

A down to earth conversation with the Mayor of Orangeville, a small town in Southern Ontario Canada, as the community responds to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. From Zoom coffee chats to encouraging support for small business, Mayor Sandy Brown...

The Undefinable Spirit

March 02, 2020

TSP119 - The Undefinable Spirit: Sohayla Smith’s peace of the heart.

Singer songwriter, music therapist, belly dancer and more, Sohayla shares her very human approach to art and community. Sohayla Smith: Duration - 24:29 VoxBox: Sohayla Smith’s - For A Moment and Oh The Day Medley

The Undefinable Spirit

January 20, 2020

TSP116 - The Undefinable Spirit: Richard Mongiat and the big picture.

On the heels of the last podcast, between dog and wolf, inspired by a painting (Entre Chien et Loup) of the same name, the hosts discuss all things art with painter Richard Mongiat, whose focus and range of activities elevate him beyond the typical...

The Undefinable Spirit

September 30, 2019

TSP108 - The Undefinable Spirit: Stefan Wiesen - Painting the world green.

Dufferin - Caledon federal Green Party candidate Stefan Wiesen says, quote, “We must take a holistic approach to build a modern state that leaves nobody behind.” His obvious passion and commitment for the environment and people is evident in his...

The Undefinable Spirit

September 02, 2019

TSP106 - The Undefinable Spirit: Michael McCreary - Punching up, never down.

Brampton born and Orangeville raised Michael McCreary is an ‘aspie’ of a different colour. With a mind as agile as a whippet, Michael navigates his life with humour and humility, bestowing on us a deeper understanding of what it means to be autistic....

The Undefinable Spirit

June 24, 2019

TSP101 - The Undefinable Spirit: Andrea Bird - Dancing on the curve of life.

Accomplished artist Andrea Bird connects art to love and death. Her theme of ‘holding loosely’ infuses Andrea’s work and positive world view. Andrea Bird: Duration - 30:22 VoxBox: William Shatner - from the CD ‘Has Been’...

The Undefinable Spirit

May 13, 2019

TSP096 - The Undefinable Spirit: Drew Marshall, a red letter agnostic theist.

Inveterate seeker, Drew Marshall talks about his quest for truth on God, life, death, and faith. Among other self discoveries made during his journey, which has included living in Australia, the deserts of Israel and walking the El Camino trail in...

The Undefinable Spirit

April 08, 2019

TSP091 - The Undefinable Spirit: Donna McCaw, Elora’s creative dynamo.

Teacher, actor, traveler, activist Donna McCaw shares her passion for creativity, community, and the simple joys of having fun. From poetry to saving our water, she demonstrates compassion and a love for life. Donna McCaw:

The Undefinable Spirit

March 04, 2019

TSP086 - The Undefinable Spirit: The bassoon takes a bow, with Nadina Mackie Jackson.

Solo bassoonist, Nadina Mackie Jackson is the most widely recorded Canadian bassoonist in history, with 17 new works for solo bassoon and orchestra written for her in the last decade. Nadina intimately describes her journey. Nadina Mackie Jackson:...

The Undefinable Spirit

January 28, 2019

TSP081 - The Undefinable Spirit: Re-imagining Architecture with Robert Arnone.

President and owner, Robert Arnone, of R.H. Carter Architects shares the often unseen inner workings of the Architectural world. Spanning a 30 year career, he describes how the ‘doing of architecture’ has, and is evolving. R.H. Carter & Associates:...

The Undefinable Spirit

November 05, 2018

TSP069 - The Undefinable Spirit: Celebrating the spoken word with Valentino Assenza.

As host of the popular radio program Howl, Valentino Assenza has interviewed the likes of Nino Ricci and Margaret Atwood among other literary lights. A veteran of the Toronto spoken word scene, Valentino shares his love of language and other...

The Undefinable Spirit

October 08, 2018

TSP065 - The Undefinable Spirit: Globetrotting with The Pattons.

Have you ever thought about pulling up roots and heading out into the great wide open? Chantal Patton and her family have and did. Growing Up Without Borders: Duration - 29:48 VoxBox: Steve Martin -...

The Undefinable Spirit

October 01, 2018

TSP064 - The Undefinable Spirit: Dr. Claudia Six on her book, Erotic Integrity.

The Undefinable Spirit: Dr. Claudia Six talks to us about discovering your sexual soul in her book, Erotic Integrity. Dr. Claudia Six: A frank and open discussion about one of the most problematic aspects of human life -...

The Undefinable Spirit

August 13, 2018

TSP057 - The Undefinable Spirit: Nanci Malek, not afraid to ask.

Interning at MuchMusic, CityTV, YTV, Nanci Malek has spent the last 38 joyful years producing and directing music and film, as well as promoting the Canadian entertainment industry. Duration - 20:37 VoxBox: MP for Wellington-Halton Hills,...

The Undefinable Spirit