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May 23, 2021

TSP151 - PH Factor: Who’s in charge? Who do you trust?

Are we experiencing a fundamental failure in leadership during this time of Covid? Just as leaders have been judging their populations willingness to comply, we the people have been assessing their level of competence and integrity. Realizing that...

PH Factor

May 09, 2021

TSP150 - The Undefinable Spirit: Andrew Welch - ‘Our Second Chance’, part 3 of 3 - A New Dawning.

In part 3 of a 3 part interview, Andrew Welch joins us in our studio, to talk about the shape of things to come. 'A New Dawning' would include radical notions such as alternative currencies (demurrage), new approaches to the electoral process and...

The Undefinable Spirit

April 25, 2021

TSP149 - The Undefinable Spirit: Andrew Welch - ‘Our Second Chance’, part 2 of 3 - The Gift Economy.

In part 2 of a 3 part interview, Andrew returns to uncover the true meaning of a ‘Gift Economy’ and its practical applications to our society. Surprisingly, a society based on a qualitative gift economy, may be the critical next step in our evolution....

The Undefinable Spirit

April 11, 2021

TSP148 - The Undefinable Spirit: Andrew Welch - ‘Our Second Chance’, part 1 of 3 - Universal Basic Income.

In part 1 of a 3 part interview, we revisit Andrew’s his first book, The Value Crisis, and explore the soon to be published sequel - Our Second Chance, focusing on universal basic income (UBI), as one example how of a shift in our value system can...

The Undefinable Spirit

March 28, 2021

TSP147 - The Undefinable Spirit: Getting casually baked with Johanna Nuding.

Storyteller and experiential marketing maven Johanna Nuding, enlightens us about the cannabis lifestyle and wellness. Her edutainment ‘potcast’, Casually Baked, explores the medicinal and responsible sides of cannabis and its enhancement of everyday...

The Undefinable Spirit

March 14, 2021

TSP146 - Time Trek: Exiting The Cave - The quest for self awareness.

From the great religions to modern psychology, the journey towards self awareness and self improvement has been an integral part of human evolution. This has all been accentuated and accelerated by the strains and stresses produced by the Covid...

Time Trek

February 28, 2021

TSP145 - PH Factor: What’s The Bottom Line? - Conclusion vs Inclusion.

Our approach to dealing with the complexities of the modern world is profoundly affected by our decision to take a conclusionary or inclusionary attitude. From our dealings with Covid to child rearing to friendships and spousal relationships, the...

PH Factor

February 14, 2021

TSP144 - Time Trek: Pinocchio - A tale of two puppets.

The relevance of this world renowned, classic children’s story about the transformation of a marionette, points to the fictionalized culture that we live in, in which we choose the stories that agree with our worldview. A look at two versions of...

Time Trek

January 31, 2021

TSP143 - The Undefinable Spirit: Ricky Schaede - Engaging the ethereal.

Dedicated Orangeville, Ontario painter/writer Ricky Schaede is a great example of how to creatively carve out a life as a professional artist. Inspired by spiritual experiences on a trip to Guatemala, Ricky has devoted bis young life to fostering the...

The Undefinable Spirit

January 17, 2021

TSP142 - PH Factor: Business ‘Not’ as Usual.

TSP142 - PH Factor: Business ‘Not’ as Usual. Two lockdowns within a year have posed near insurmountable challenges to ‘business as usual’, forcing business owners and entrepreneurs to seek out creative ways of remaining commercially viable. Our...

PH Factor

January 03, 2021

TSP141 - Time Trek: Hindsight is 2020.

Beyond the obvious stresses and suffering brought on by Covid, 2020 has been a year of significant change. In this episode we review the past 12 months, discussing and highlighting some memorable audio clips from some of the 26 episodes we recorded...

Time Trek

December 20, 2020

TSP140 - PH Factor: Silver Linings - The bright side of Covid.

In this year of trials and tribulations, of viruses and lockdowns, the resiliency of people across the planet has been nothing short of inspirational. As we navigate forward, maintaining a positive attitude is proving to be an instrumental coping...

PH Factor

December 06, 2020

TSP139 - The Undefinable Spirit: Lest We Forget - With historian/writer Hugh Brewster.

Writer/historian/theatre artist Hugh Brewster is truly a man of many hats. In this interview, Hugh shares fascinating stories, from meeting Jacqueline Onassis and James Cameron, to working with Robert Ballard, the discoverer of the Titanic. Hugh...

The Undefinable Spirit

November 22, 2020

TSP138 - Time Trek: From promise to disaster.

Disaster has befallen humanity countless times throughout history, From the Titanic to The Great Depression to the failed revolution of the 1960's, the hosts, along with Canadian historian Hugh Brewster, explore the promise that preceded the calamity....

Time Trek

November 08, 2020

TSP137 - The Undefinable Spirit: With NYC emergency room doctor and children’s author Joanette Weisse.

Inspired by a question about dying from one of her grandchildren, NYC emergency room physician Joanette Weisse talks about and reads from her newly penned and just released picture book - Giggles in my Heart - which deals with the real fears children...

The Undefinable Spirit

October 25, 2020

TSP136 - PH Factor: Muzzling Dissent - Access denied.

The right to free speech is not a given. In this day of ‘unfriending’, it is easy to muzzle our fellow human beings, in order to control the narrative. From censorship on campuses to discouraging your children from, “Speaking until spoken to”, the...

PH Factor

October 11, 2020

TSP135 - Time Trek: It’s the apocalypse and Armageddon outta here!

“It’s the end of the world as we know it.”, has been a refrain heard many times before in human history. From the cult of Christianity to Nostradamus’s prophecies to the tragedy of Jonestown to the Covid-19 crisis, the challenge to avert disaster has...

Time Trek

September 27, 2020

TSP134 - The Undefinable Spirit: Simran Bhamu - From India with love.

From Delhi to Canada, Simran Bhamu’s journey has taken her through poverty, immigration, racism, politics, and ultimately a fulfilling life in a country she now calls home. Simran Bhamu is the definition of a very capable, compassionate and...

The Undefinable Spirit

September 13, 2020

TSP133 - PH factor: Becoming Other - If not now, when?

This period of Covid-19, has catalyzed the impulse towards personal and societal change. The question is how capable are we, as individuals and members of society, to realize these changes, given the power of traditional thinking and habits?...

PH Factor

August 30, 2020

TSP132 - Time Trek: Pasteurization - Don’t cry over ‘spoilt’ milk.

The invisible universe of the biome became more visible through the work of many 19th century scientific researchers. One of the preeminent adventurers into the microbial world, Louis Pasteur unveiled the essential role micro-organisms play in the...

Time Trek

August 16, 2020

TSP131 - The Undefinable Spirit: Janet-Lynn Morrison - From 0 to fierce.

If there was ever an example of how a world view can impact one’s life, Janet-Lynn Morrison is one. Understanding, forgiveness and resiliency resonate throughout our phone conversation with this intelligent and caring soul. Her story of moving ‘from 0...

The Undefinable Spirit

August 02, 2020

TSP130 - PH Factor: Every Breath You Take - The body politic.

Is it even possible anymore, that human beings can communicate with each other, directly and authentically, given the pandemic of politicization? The challenge to defy categorization is paramount in our attempt to resist the ‘isms’ that have engulfed...

PH Factor

July 19, 2020

TSP129 - Time Trek: F’ Me, F’ You - The history of pejoratives.

The history of pejoratives touches on religion, social mores and political correctness, vividly expressing strong emotions or sentiments. The use of swear words was well accepted up until the Renaissance, after which these so-called ‘dirty’ words...

Time Trek

July 05, 2020

TSP128 - The Undefinable Spirit: Nicole Wicki - Courage, conviction and cure.

Numerous times in her young life, Nicole Wicki, has had the courage to make life changing decisions en route to making a life more connected to nature, balancing body and mind. Swiss born and raised, she currently makes her home on a remote 10 acre...

The Undefinable Spirit