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August 28, 2017

TSP007 - Red Alert!: Is your security an illusion?

Is the world more secure or have we simply become increasingly numb to, complacent or accepting, about what most of us feel we can't control? Duration - 18:09

August 21, 2017

TSP006 - Cockamaimy: Living with absurdity.

Has technology contributed and exacerbated the absurdity we experience, or are exposed to, in our daily living? Duration - 18:56

August 14, 2017

TSP005 - Analogue to Digital: Our brain is not binary.

Do you prefer listening to vinyl records or CDs, or does it matter? Digital technology and its affect on the quality of our lives. Duration - 18:41

August 07, 2017

TSP004 - Cracking Codes: What on Earth do you mean?

Decoding the language of Art and Technology. Our brain is not binary. Analogue and digital systems, living in today's world. Duration: 15:51

July 31, 2017

TSP003 – The Art of Poetry: Poet Laureate waxes poetic.

Harry Posner discusses his views, plans and ideas, on becoming Dufferin County's first Poet Laureate. Duration - 24:59

July 24, 2017

TSP002 - The Value Crisis: From dollars to democracy, why numbers are ruining our world.

As a partial sequel to Episode 1, in Episode 2 Author Andrew Welch ( joins us to discuss his book,'The Value Crisis: From dollars to democracy, why numbers are ruing our world.' Andrew Welch: Duration -...

July 17, 2017

TSP001 - Techno Zeitgeist: Inside the machine.

Is technology helping, or hindering you? Duration: 23 minutes

July 10, 2017

TSP000 - Intro: Peter & Harry, who do they think they are?

Brief Bio chat introducing Peter & Harry. Duration - 15:10