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March 19, 2023

TSP199 Trailer

TSP199 trailer for Sunday, March 26/23 release. TSP199 - Time Trek: Renaissance Redux - Culture’s Quantum Leap The dynamics of the late Middle Ages, which included the Black Plague, famine and religious wars, paved the way for the historical period most commonly referred to as the Renaissance. Are there parallels…

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March 11, 2023

TSP198 Trailer

TSP198 - PH Factor: The World As It Could Be - Our Vital Choices We struggle with defining what it means to be happy and/or free and yet, these two states of being are critical to the functioning of a healthy society. How do we foster an appreciation for the…

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Feb. 19, 2023

TSP197 Trailer

TSP197: Universe Or Multiverse - The jury is out. From religion to art to technology, the notion of worlds beyond our own has captured our imagination for a very long time. How can considering and working with the multiverse idea help us evolve?

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Feb. 5, 2023

TSP196 Trailer

TSP196 - PH factor: The Nation State - On the road to extinction? In a world that’s becoming globalized, the question of the nation state becomes more pertinent than ever. Is it possible to get to a place where national boundaries are removed or defined less rigidly? Is the future…

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Jan. 22, 2023

TSP195 Trailer

TSP195 - PH Factor: Rip In The Fabric - Conspiracy or Consensus? Given that many people are currently experiencing to varying degrees a profound existential dilemma, exacerbated by a lack of clear thinking, how are we to respond to the larger forces that are attempting to influence and/or control our…

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Jan. 8, 2023

TSP194 Trailer

TSP194 - PH Factor: When Winning Is Losing - How success fails us. Our preoccupation with winning at all costs can often lead to pyrrhic victory. Repercussions can include everything from addiction to poor sportsmanship, rampant egotism and self-centredness, among others. Where does the balance lie between winning at all…

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Dec. 25, 2022

TSP193 Trailer

TSP193 - PH Factor: Talking Points - Language Defaced. Is language going to the dogs? Have we lost our ability or motive to communicate, heart to heart, three years into our relatively enforced social separation?

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Dec. 11, 2022

TSP192 Trailer

TSP192 - PH Factor: Sonic Tools - All The Bells And Whistles Two of the most fundamental sounds in our sonic tool belt are bells and whistles. The use of these two tools have been an integral part of our culture for millennia, from celebratory to somber.

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Nov. 27, 2022

TSP191 Trailer

TSP191 - PH Factor: Step By Step - Walk, before you run. Walking literally represents our nascent step in life, and its loss the signal to our journey’s end. From civil rights marches to celebratory parades and benefits to our overall health, walking remains fundamental to our physical and mental…

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Nov. 13, 2022

TSP190 Trailer

TSP190 - Time Trek: Revealing Tomorrow Today - The illuminating power of Science Fiction. Working with the themes of time travel, science gone wrong, alien contacts, and others, the genre of science fiction has reflected back to us the state of our humanity. What draws us to science fiction, and…

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Oct. 30, 2022

TSP189 Trailer

TSP189 - PH Factor: The Reconciliation - Healing A Wounded World In the latter stages of Covid as a world emergency we, as individuals and as a collective, have come to the realization of just how wounded we are. How do we reconcile the divisiveness we are experiencing, both within…

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Oct. 16, 2022

TSP188 Trailer

TSP188 - Living In Spiritual Limbo - Getting beyond the disheartened self. This is possibly a first Covid to Covid conversation, in which the hosts struggle with their respective mental fogs, to explore first hand getting beyond the disheartened self.

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Oct. 2, 2022

TSP187 Trailer

TSP187 - PH Factor: Getting Older - Rediscovering the Self. As a follow up to part one on The Sill’s growing older series, the hosts ruminate on their own experience of growing older, including changes to libido, dealing with regret and forgiveness and a plethora of other associated realities.

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Sept. 18, 2022

TSP186 Trailer

TSP186 - PH Factor: Getting Older - Where to from here? From ageism to medical assisted suicide to issues with technology, seniors are now facing unprecedented challenges. Part one, of a two part podcast, exploring the world of aging.

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Sept. 4, 2022

TSP185 Trailer

TSP185 – PH Factor: The Confucius Way – K.I.S.S. realized. Unusual and unexpected – Confucianism, a 2,500 year old philosophy, hangs out with K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid) a 21st century systems principle. Surprisingly, they have much in common, despite the millennial gap.

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Aug. 21, 2022

TSP184 Trailer

TSP184 – PH Factor: Citizen Can – Is human transformation possible? From technology to brain chemistry to complacency, we are replete with challenges to transformation. Are we capable of pushing past what holds us back?

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Aug. 7, 2022

TSP183 Trailer

TSP183 – PH Factor: Network Failure – What are we learning? On July 8, 2022, a major national telecom company experienced a critical network failure that affected an entire nation. It’s not the first time, nor will it be the last, that such an event has occurred or will occur.…

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July 24, 2022

TSP182 Trailer

TSP182 – PH Factor: Hit The Road Jack – The Covid Catalyst Migrations Covid induced social distancing protocols and affordability issues have been instrumental in driving Canadians into smaller towns and cottage country, where larger living spaces are available. Working and studying from home has become a reality for many,…

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July 10, 2022

TSP181 Trailer

TSP181 – PH Factor: We resurrect… So, you think you can podcast? You can. For the first time in our five years of doing this podcast, we’ve elected to repurpose a podcast we recorded in 2018. Over the years we’ve had listeners comment or ask us questions on many of…

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June 26, 2022

TSP180 Trailer

TSP180 – PH Factor: The Sill 2017-2022 – Oh, the changes we’ve seen! Five years in, The Sill podcast is turning a corner in more ways than one. For starters, Harry and his family are relocating to the beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. In this nostalgic review Peter and…

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