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Transcendent Tunes Episodes

From Al Jolson to Jimmy Paige, the world is a treasure trove of powerful and transformative music. Peter and Harry explore some of the most influential and relevant musical tunes ever created.

November 25, 2019

TSP112 - Transcendent Tunes: Harry Chapin’s shot to the heart.

Harry Chapin left us too soon, but he left us with compelling stories reflecting the era he lived in. Although not one of his most well known hits, Sniper, is perhaps his most eloquent, timeless comment on humankind’s fragile psyche. Duration -...

Transcendent Tunes

October 14, 2019

TSP109 - Transcendent Tunes: Non, Je Ne Regret Rien - The little sparrow’s anthem.

No other singer has as powerfully embodied their music as did Edith Piaf. Rising from her hard scrabbled life, spanning two world wars, she sang her way to international stardom, until her untimely death at 47. Duration - 26:32 VoxBox: YouTube...

Transcendent Tunes

July 22, 2019

TSP103 - Transcendent Tunes: Woody and Arlo on the ‘rails’.

Woody Guthrie’s ‘This Land Is Your Land’ and his son, Arlo Guthrie’s ‘City Of New Orleans (written by the under appreciated Steve Goodman) can be considered anthems of a nation. The first being a response to the status quo - ‘God Bless America’ and...

Transcendent Tunes

June 04, 2019

TSP099 - Transcendent Tunes: Yesterday, it was scrambled eggs.

A Lennon/McCartney classic covered by more artists than any other song in music history. A simple sentiment turned musical treasure, cherished by young and old. Duration - 21:06 VoxBox: Youtube audio segment of video with Paul McCartney in live...

Transcendent Tunes

May 06, 2019

TSP095 - Transcendent Tunes: Cole Porter’s Begin The Beguine.

A signature of the big band era, Begin The Beguine, exemplifies the versatility of Swing music. The lyrics embody the joy of a sudden but temporary love, the melody of which was made famous by one of the greatest big band leaders, Artie Shaw....

Transcendent Tunes

March 25, 2019

TSP089 - Transcendent Tunes: Hey kids, it’s twinkle time.

For millennia, lullabies have lulled children into slumber land. From ancient Egypt to modern day, tunes like Twinkle,Twinkle, Little Star and their relative importance often goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Duration: 24:34 VoxBox: Audio...

Transcendent Tunes

February 18, 2019

TSP084 - Transcendent Tunes: Jolson rocks.

‘Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody’, a transcendent tune from a transcendent performer. Russian born singer Al Jolson rocked the world with his African-American inspired jazz singing style. Spanning five decades of musical and audio evolution,...

Transcendent Tunes

January 21, 2019

TSP080 - Transcendent Tunes: Led Zeppelin’s celestial climb.

One of the greatest rock bands of all time creating one of the most, some would say, earth shattering and lasting songs in music history. A timeless and evocative tune, shared and enjoyed by generation after generation. Duration: 27:54 VoxBox:...

Transcendent Tunes

December 10, 2018

TSP074 - Transcendent Tunes: Dylan’s Revolutionary Epiphany.

Like A Rolling Stone, Dylan's six plus minutes masterpiece, defied the expectations of folk music enthusiasts and the music industry itself, inspiring a new generation of balladeers. Duration - 27:39 VoxBox: Audio segment from YouTube - Robbie...

Transcendent Tunes

November 19, 2018

TSP071 - Transcendent Tunes: Searing and soulful ‘Strange Fruit’.

Billie Holiday’s most iconic and recognized song, has been acknowledged as the harbinger of the civil rights movement in America. The song’s origin may surprise and enlighten even those of us who are familiar with this transcendent tune. Duration -...

Transcendent Tunes

October 22, 2018

TSP067 - Transcendent Tunes: Feeling those ‘Good Vibrations’.

In the midst of the turmoil in the mid 60’s, five young Californians surfed the rising musical waves to pop music’s iconic stardom. The pinnacle moment birthed the release of the much loved ‘pocket symphony’, Good Vibrations. Duration - 26:09...

Transcendent Tunes